WHO We Are

Responsible Investing

Smooth Logistical Operations

Stakeholder Accountability

Pledge to the communities we impact

Who We Are

Auragen is a leading energy company specialized in the sourcing, trading, transportation, and marketing of petroleum products across the Middle East and Southern African regions. We are registered and headquartered in the United Arab Emirates.

In partnering with our host nations, we endeavor to act as a conduit to foster growth and development through consistent and quality supply of petroleum solutions to populations across Africa and the Middle East.

We are an organization that boasts of competent staff and teams of experts that are spread across our spectrum of operations.

Our service is specifically tailored to suit the uniqueness of each of our clients in the various jurisdictions of operation. We are uncompromising on quality, professionalism and timely delivery of all our products and service and value the establishment of long-term relationships.

Responsible Investing

With our experience we identify risk and develop a resilient business.
We believe in making positive impact on and beyond our business.
It is  our high priority to ensure our capital is deployed in a sustainable , ethical and socially responsible way.

Smooth Logistical Opertation

We use our expertise in connecting our diverse products by heavily investing in people and their resourcefulness.
We fulfill the promise on deliverables to our end users by ensuring smooth operations.

Stakeholder Accountability

We act in the best interest of our stakeholders by adhering to the government regulations strictly.
We measure our success by satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders.
Our decisions are long-term result oriented and we invest in thorough study before big decisions for desired outcomes.

Pledge to the communities we impact

Supporting the local community wherever possible is key part of our belief.
We contribute in educating the youth to help them reach their potential.